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The Schiller Park Public Library is proud to introduce our new and growing collection of nontraditional library materials for checkout to Schiller Park Library Card Holders. Loan periods and checkout limits differ based on the item, so take a look at our policies.

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Explore Discover Learn Kits

The Explore Discover Learn Kits provide hands-on projects and activities for children to learn about STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Another type of STEM is STEAM, which includes Arts. STEM encourages children to think deeply, create things, solve problems, and so much more.

*Available only to Schiller Park Library Card Holders.

Here are a few of our kits:


Ever wonder what’s inside the human body? Identify bones, muscles, and organs that make up your body and why they are important!


Take a closer look at the moon and its various shapes (called phases) at nighttime with the telescope. You can also use the telescope during the day to get a closer look at nature.


How does electricity work to create light, sound, or movement? Use snap circuits to understand how by creating fun projects!


What can you build with Keva planks? Try to build letters, numbers, shapes and more!


Identify rocks and minerals found in nature. What is your favorite?

Simple Machines

Use K’NEX parts such as rods, connectors and wheels to create a vehicle that actually moves!


Take this portable telescope on a quick nighttime adventure to look at the moon and find its craters. Great for beginners to experience stargazing!

WARNING: Adult supervision required. Please do not use the telescope or its finder scope to look directly at the Sun, as it may result in permanent eye damage.

Visit the library for our whole collection of kits!

* The Explore Discover Learn Kits collection has been made possible by a grant from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) – Chicago Section.

Memory Kits

Schiller Park Public Library now has Memory Kits available for check out.

*Available only to Schiller Park Library Card Holders.

What are memory kits?

Memory kits are specially curated boxes designed to assist individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, & other cognitive impairments to spark memories and create conversations with loved ones. Each kit comes with several items within a theme that are designed to engage the individual in hands on activities for mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.

What does a memory kit include?

Each memory kit is built around a theme. They include various items pertinent to that theme. Each kit has items unique to the theme and may be books, card games, puzzles, etc.

How does it work?

Kits may be checked out for 1 week and there are no renewal. Once checked out the patron may use the items to stimulate memories and conversations. Ask library staff for assistance if you have more questions.

Kits Available:

Discover the United States

Let’s Move

Explore the World of Art

Things that Fly: Birds & Butterflies


World Traveler

Early Learning Backpacks

Schiller Park Public Library now has Early Learning Backpacks available for check out. Ages 2 to 8.

*Available only to Schiller Park Library Card Holders.

What are Early Learning Backpacks?

Themed backpacks include early learning materials, books, activities, with activity guides that make learning fun!

How does it work?

Backpacks may be checked out for 1 week and 1 backpack checkout per library card.

Kits Available:

Color Patterns

In My Community

Shapes in My World

Silly Sort & Stack

What’s that Sound?

Words, Musical Words

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