Fine Free FAQs

Why is Schiller Park Public Library removing fines?

The Library strives to provide excellent service and equal access to information, services, and opportunities. Overdue fines create barriers to service and often stop people from using their library. Eliminating that barrier opens doors to all in our community to utilize the resources the Library has to offer.

How will the library get items back without overdue fines?

Items will continue to have due dates, and patrons are asked to return materials on or before the due date so others may enjoy the shared resources we provide. If an item is 14 days overdue, the library card will be blocked and the patron will no longer be able to check out materials until the item is returned.

Materials that remain overdue after 42 days will be assumed lost and the patron will be charged the replacement cost of materials. An additional $5.00 processing fee per item assumed lost will be added to the account. The block will be canceled if all materials are returned or the cost of the materials are paid in full.

What happens if I lose or damage an item I checked out?

The patron is responsible for lost or damaged items and will be charged a replacement and processing fee for the item. The library does not accept materials purchased by the patron in order to replace materials deemed lost or damaged.

Does my library account still have a balance from my old fines?

All fines have been removed from our patrons’ accounts. If there is a balance on your account, it is likely a fee for an item that was lost or damaged. If you have questions about your account, please contact the Circulation Desk at (847) 678-0433.

Do I have to pay fines on items I check out at other libraries?

Material checked out when visiting other libraries is subject to their policies and fines.

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