Library Services

Copying, Faxing, Printing, & Scanning

Copy machines are available at the library. Black and white copies are $.10 per page. Color copies are $.50 per page.

Local and long distance faxing is available at the library. Faxes sent in the state of Illinois are $1.00 per page and $2.00 per page for outside the state of Illinois. Toll free numbers are $.25 per page. The library only accepts payment by cash or check at this time. The library does not send international faxes. Faxes cannot be received at the library.

Faxing Services shut down 10 minutes before library closing.

Black and white printing and color printing is available at the library. Black and white printing are $.10 per page. Color printing is $.50 per page. Copies can be paid for with change, credit card, or dollar bills at the print release station. The library does not allow label or custom paper to be used with library printers.

Library computers and printers shut down 10 minutes before library closing.

There is one scanning station located by the front circulation desk copier. It is strongly recommended that patrons must bring their own USB drive to save their scan documents. Scanning is free.

Public Computers

Free wireless connection may be used while at the library by connecting to the SPS Public network. No password is needed.

The Computer Lab has multiple computers available with Internet access and Microsoft Office. The patron must login using a valid library card or obtain a guest pass to use the computer. Computer use is limited to one hour however sessions may be extended if no other patrons are waiting. The library highly recommends patrons bring in a USB drive to save documents.

Library computers and printing services shut down 10 minutes before library closing.

Charging Stations

The library has two charging stations located by the front copier machine and in the Teen Corner. Each of the library’s five tables have a charging station as well to charge devices.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is located in the lower level of the library and is available for use by non-profit groups. Priority is given to the Schiller Park Public Library for programming and to Schiller Park Residents. Non-profit groups requesting to use the room must submit an application at least one week prior to the next anticipated Board Meeting date for consideration. There is no fee for the use of the room.

Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Application

Book & Media Donations

We will gladly accept donations at the front circulation desk or in Children’s World.
Materials we do not accept as donations: Cassette tapes, VHS tapes, Textbooks, or Encyclopedia sets.

Reference Databases

The library subscribes to several online databases which may be accessed for locating magazine articles, information on authors, works of literature, and more.

Study Room

Study Rooms are available for the use of a single person or groups of 4 or less. Study Rooms are limited to one hour and may be used for longer if no one is waiting. Use of the room is on a first-come, first-served basis. Study Rooms may not be reserved. Patron must present a valid library card, driver’s license, or state identification to sign up at the front circulation desk to use a study room. There is no fee for the use of the room. Study Rooms close down 10 minutes before library closing.

Tax Forms

The Schiller Park Public Library offers select state forms and the federal reproducible publication where photocopies of the forms can be made. Library staff may not provide any tax advice, including advice on what forms individuals may need to use.

For more information please contact or visit:

Internal Revenue Service
5100 River Road
Schiller Park, IL 60176
(847) 737-6688
(800) 829-1040
Request Forms: (800) 829-3676

Illinois Department of Revenue
Taxpayers can file individual income tax forms for free at the IDOR website at:
(800) 732-8866
Request Forms: (800) 356-6302

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