Children’s World

The Children’s World offers a variety of resources and programming to promote the development of reading skills from birth through middle school. Full of great materials such as books, CD-Spokens, and magazines, the Children’s World staff is happy to assist with any informational needs.

Children’s CDs and DVDs can be found in the Adult Room.

Computer Services

The library has multiple Internet Access terminals available. Children must be 8 years of age or older to use the Internet alone (without a parent), otherwise a parent/guardian must be present with their child during computer usage. The parent/guardian and child must complete the Internet User Agreement Forms prior to using the Internet. The library highly recommends patrons bring in a USB drive to save documents. Computer use is limited to one hour however sessions may be extended if no other patrons are waiting.

Children and Family Programs

Flyers describing upcoming programs at the library are distributed to the schools and available at the library in September, November, January, April, and June of each year. The June flyer will contain information about the Summer Reading Program. The library also offers an e-newsletter version. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

Interactive Tables & Stem Kits

The library provides access for patrons to use In-House Stem Kits and Stem Kits to check out. There are also interactive tables and other activities, which may be used in Children’s World.

Explore Discover Learn Kits

The Explore Discover Learn Kits provide hands-on projects and activities for children to learn about STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Another type of STEM is STEAM, which includes Arts. STEM encourages children to think deeply, create things, solve problems, and so much more. Here are a few of our kits:


Ever wonder what’s inside the human body? Identify bones, muscles, and organs that make up your body and why they are important!


Take a closer look at the moon and its various shapes (called phases) at nighttime with the telescope. You can also use the telescope during the day to get a closer look at nature.


How does electricity work to create light, sound, or movement? Use snap circuits to understand how by creating fun projects!


What can you build with Keva planks? Try to build letters, numbers, shapes and more!


Identify rocks and minerals found in nature. What is your favorite?

Simple Machines:

Use K’NEX parts such as rods, connectors and wheels to create a vehicle that actually moves!

Visit the library for our whole collection of kits!

* The Explore Discover Learn Kits collection has been made possible by a grant from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) – Chicago Section.

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