Bulletin Board, Counter Surfaces and Similar Materials Policy

  1. The library has one Bulletin Board and one section of the Circulation desk designated to distribute informational materials. Both areas are divided into Library and Community sections.

  2.  The Community section is to be used for the display/distribution of recreational, educational and cultural events taking place in Schiller Park, Leyden Township, Chicago and surrounding areas. Priority will be given to the above communities based on the stated order.

  3. All materials requested to be distributed/posted must be approved by the Library Director If not, it will be removed.

  4. The Community areas have limited space; therefore, large displays may not be posted. The Library recommends the largest poster to be poster board size (16″x 20″).

  5. The library is not responsible for deteriorated or defaced items. These items will be removed even if the advertised event has not occurred.

  6. No organization or individual will be permitted to display/distribute any materials which advocate the election of or defeat of a candidate for public office, or which advocate an affirmative or negative opinion for or against any political, legislative or judicial issue. No petitions of any type are permitted.

  7. It is not intended to advertise items or services for sale by commercial entities, profit organizations or individuals, or items related to garage sales, rental properties, want ads or tear off ads.

  8. Bulletins/Materials shall not be used to market wares or commercial services of any kind.

  9. Posters announcing meetings will be removed after the meeting. Other items will be removed after thirty days, unless there is space available and the item is considered to be of general interest. Items directly concerned with the library will be displayed as long as appropriate.

  10. Bulletins/Materials do not necessarily express the opinion of the Library, Trustees or Staff. Items will be posted or made available on an equitable basis, subject to available space, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups represented.

  11. The Library Reserves the right to use the entire bulletin board and/or display area without notice and to discard all community materials.

  12. Staff may discard items not approved for placement and excess copies of any item received. Materials will not be returned.

  13. All items must be initialed and dated as approved by the Library Director prior to being posted/displayed.

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