Materials Reconsideration Policy

 Reconsideration of Library Materials

Schiller Park Public Library Card holders are free to voice their concern about specific library materials.  Patrons initially may be referred to the Librarian in Charge to discuss the matter.  Should this discussion not resolve the question, an appointment can be made with the Library Director to discuss the material.

After discussions with the Library Director, patrons who wish to further pursue questions about Reconsideration of Materials shall then prepare a formal written complaint by completing the:  Library Materials Reconsideration Form, (see attached) obtainable from the Library Director.  The Board of Trustees shall be notified of the receipt of all completed Reconsideration Forms.  Upon receipt of the completed form, the Library Director and the professional staff will review the material, and make a decision regarding the action to be taken.  The Library Director shall then promptly, by written notification, inform the individual who has raised the question and the Board of Trustees, of the decision which has been made.  Information about all formal complaints made to the Library Director and their disposition shall be a part of the monthly Director’s Report to the Board of Trustees.

In the event that the decision made by the Library Director and the professional staff is not satisfactory to the patron, the patron has the right to present his/her complaint to the Board of Trustees.  This shall be accomplished by written request to the President of the Board of Trustees asking that the matter be placed on the agenda of a regular, public Board of Trustees meeting.  The President of the Board of Trustees shall then schedule this within a reasonable period of time, and shall provide written notice to the requester of the date and time of the meeting at which the Board of Trustees will consider the matter.

The Board of Trustees shall review the material in question and base the final decision concerning action to be taken on the criteria for selection and maintenance of the Collection as defined in its official Materials Selection Policy.  The person who has raised the question shall receive written notification of the action taken by the Board of Trustees.

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