Inter-Library Loan Policy


An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which one library can request materials from another library.


The purpose of Interlibrary Loan is to meet the needs of patrons who request materials that are not owned by your own library. Usually these materials are requested from libraries within our Library System.


Requests are processed in our library within a 24 hour period. If a library requests a rush, we will process it as quickly as possible. equests are taken Monday through Sunday, during all Library hours. Current Schiller Park card holders are able to use Interlibrary Loan Services.


The Schiller Park Library lends:

Books, CD’s, books-on-tape, kits, back issues of periodicals, non-fiction videos and non-popular feature videos.

1. The Schiller Park Library sends materials that have circulated in our Library at least once or is 1 (one) month old. Schiller Park will honor local holds before System holds.

2. The Schiller Park Library circulates all audiovisual materials, with the exception of current popular videos.

3. The Schiller Park Library does not circulate Reference Materials unless the borrowing Library obtains permission from our Library Director or the Reference Librarian. Then, materials are loaned for In Library Use Only and are loaned for a period of 1 Week Only.

4. The Schiller Park Library reserves the right to make it’s own decision whether or not they want to fill an Interlibrary Loan request.

5. Schiller Park Library materials are usually sent for a 4 (four) week loan period. Exceptions :

Periodicals, kits and CD’s – These materials have a loan period of 2 (two) weeks.

Feature and Non-Fiction videos – These materials have a loan period of 2 (two) weeks to the borrowing library, but Non-Fiction videos can be loaned to the patron for only 1 (one ) week and feature films for 3 (three) days.

6. The Schiller Park Library will honor Out of System and Out of State requests when possible. No videos or audio materials will be sent out of System or Out of State.

7. The Schiller Park Public Library agrees to the decisions set forth in the Suburban Library System Interlibrary Loan Policy of February 1996 and the Illinois State Library Illinet Interlibrary Loan Code of January 1993.


All materials sent on ILL are renewable unless marked on the item “Not Renewable”. If the item has other system holds, local holds or is in demand locally it will not be available to be renewed.


1. The Schiller Park Library will Interlibrary Loan materials for current Schiller Park residents only.

2. The Schiller Park Library will honor all ILL policies of the Libraries in our System.

3. The Schiller Park Library limits Direct Loan requests to 15 (fifteen) per patron per week.

4. The Schiller Park Library will make every effort to fill our patrons needs through out own Library by finding other materials or even purchasing materials needed, before requesting an Interlibrary Loan.

5. The Schiller Park patron will be responsible for any possible charges resulting from an Interlibrary Loaned material. The patron is also responsible for any Interlibrary Loaned material that is lost or damaged. Fees which are charged to the Schiller Park Library for an Interlibrary Loan are paid by the patron requesting the Direct Loan.


The Schiller Park Library provides photocopy service free of charge to all Libraries both in and out of our System. Within our System we will fax materials of 10 or less pages. Any request out side our System or a request of more than 10 (ten ) pages will be sent through the library delivery system or by mail.

The Schiller Park Library does provide express service free of charge on photocopies, as long as we are notified by phone first. Turn around time will be 1 (one) hour. Requests for photocopies may be made by fax, delivery, or phone. Requests will be answered by fax when feasible. Microfilm requests can not be faxed.


Schiller Park Library charges the borrowing library for lost items the SLS list of standard prices. The price of the item and processing fee is incorporated into one charge.

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