Materials Selection Policy


The Schiller Park Public Library is a place for discovery at the heart of the community. The library provides materials and services to assist primarily patrons residing within the Schiller Park to meet their informational, leisure, cultural, historic and intellectual needs. Special emphasis is placed on providing information services and furnishing current popular materials. The Library also serves patrons from a wider range through its participation in the statewide reciprocal borrowing program.The Schiller Park Public Library maintains an open door policy to all patrons. It serves preschoolers to senior citizens and continues to reach out to nonusers.

The Schiller Park Public Library is affiliated with Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS). In conjunction with this entity, the Library utilizes and interlibrary loan system to meet patron’s requests where budgetary restraints or limited appeal prohibits addition of the materials of the collection.


Selection of materials is influenced by:

  • Anticipation of and response to continuing and changing needs and interests of the community and individuals.
  • Current and historical significance.
  • The attention of critics and reviews.
  • Budgetary and space considerations.
  • Authenticity.
  • Patron demand.
  • Professional judgment.

Since part of the libraries responsibilities to the card holders of the Schiller Park Public Library is to the students, selections are made on the basis of supporting the school curriculum.

The Library staff has selected a general representative collection, for all ages at a variety of reading levels, but the collection is also attuned to the specific needs of the Schiller Park Public Library card holders. Because of the volume of material produced today, the librarians cannot read, review or purchase all items available and many valuable works are never reviewed. Book selection sources, such as Library Journal, Booklist, and School Library Journal, will not be followed solely.  Consideration will also be given to award winners of various genres and format types.  Patron demand still must be considered even if reviews are not favorable.  In most instances, the library will purchase a title if there are three requests for it, because the importance of on-demand purchasing is recognized.

 Materials are to be selected in a variety of formats, both print and non-print and electronic format, reflecting the diversified needs and preferences of the Schiller Park Public Library card holders. It shall be the policy of the Library to provide materials in whatever format will best meet the needs of the community, whether in print form or by electronic means.

Widely diverse points of view, including controversial and unorthodox subjects, will be available in the collection. It is the duty of the staff to acquire materials which meet the needs of the community even though the materials may present views contrary to the personal beliefs of staff members, Library board members, community organizations, or individuals. No employee may be disciplined or dismissed for the selection of Library materials when the selection is made in good faith and in accordance with this written Materials Selection Policy.  Inclusion in the collection does not imply library approval or agreement with the contents.  The Schiller Park Public Library Board of Trustees and staff recognize that some materials are controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons.  Selections will not be made on the merits of anticipated approval or disapproval but solely on the merits of the work in relation to building the collection and to serving the interests of all of the readers.

 Responsibility for the reading of children rests with their parents and/or legal guardians.  Selection and display will not be inhibited by the possibility that materials may come into the possession of children. The present laws dealing with obscenity should be vigorously enforced.

 The Schiller Park Public Library Board of Trustees upholds the principles set forth in the most recent Library Bill of Rights, and the Freedom to Read Statement, by the American Library Association Council and Freedom to Read Committee.



It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees of the Schiller Park Public Library to review and approve this Material Selection Policy.  The Board is responsible for protecting the rights of the Library user and ultimately answering any and all questions regarding the policy and preservation of an individual’s right to know.

 In accordance with Illinois Library Law, specific selection, ordering, maintaining and weeding of all library materials shall be delegated to the Library Administrator.


The Library Administrator will delegate selecting, ordering, maintaining and weeding the library collection to the appropriate staff as outlined by the Board of Trustees of the Schiller Park Public Library’s Materials Selection Policy.  (Under the Library Administrator’s direction, such members of the professional staff who are qualified by education and training, will participate in selection and weeding of Library materials.)


The Library is grateful for donations, and its collection has been greatly enriched by many fine donations of materials which the library might otherwise not have been able to afford.  However, in accepting a donation, the Library reserves the privilege of deciding whether it should be added to the collection.  Because many of  the books donated to the Library each year, a portion of the materials cannot be used by the library, because any book, though of value to itself, may be: (1) a duplicate of an item which the Library already has in sufficient numbers; (2) a title which is not of sufficient reference or circulating use for the Library; (3) in poor physical condition which would not add to the Library’s collection; (4) does not conform to the standards presented in the Material’s Selection Policy which has been developed to provide the Library with a balanced quality collection. Gift materials will be integrated into the general collection with a bookplate identifying the donor if applicable. Cash gifts will be expended by the Library Director and/or staff in accordance with this policy, the recommendations of the donor, and the needs of the library.

No staff member will assign monetary value to any gift. Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the Library Director has the authority to make whatever disposition of the materials is deemed advisable in accordance with criteria applied in this Material Selection policy.


The Library’s collection is continuously evaluated by the professional staff in order to maintain a useful collection. This is a positive activity performed in order to find areas that need to be strengthened as well as identify materials that need to be withdrawn. Outdated and unused materials are withdrawn.  Lost books are replaced if further use seems likely.

Books, periodicals and non- print materials from the Library’s collection may be discarded, sold, given to local philanthropic, educational, cultural, governmental, or other non-for-profit organizations.


If patron objects to an item in the library collection, he/she may make use of the Schiller Park Public Library Materials Reconsideration Policy found in the Schiller Park Public Library Policy Manual.

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